Ретро радиатор DerbyCH 900/160 RETRO style--> 100--> Регулятор скорости Walkera

Регулятор скорости Walkera

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Регулятор скорости Walkera

назначение: вертолеты


Ремонт регулятора оборотов квадрокоптера 30A Simonk ESC. Часть 2

Если газа находится в нулевой позиции или включен режим Idle, то сигнал на регулятор не подается.

Советы моделистам. Калибровка регулятора

А для калибровки необходим максимальный сигнал газа перед подачей на регулятор.
Регулятор скорости на 180a.

Регулятор скорости Walkera

ARRMA TYPHON имеет старшего в виде ARRMA KRATON, у одинаковая силовая установка.
Бюджетный сервопривод: http://ali.ski/9KG69 Регулятор: http://ali.ski/JgkbYE Еще ESC: http://ali.ski/iYIAwL Регулятор.

Максимальная скорость радиоуправляемой машины ARRMA TYPHON (4S и 6S) (4K) - YouTube

Walkera HM-036-002 bearing 3x8x4 For Walkera 36 60B 450 RC Helicopter. Регулятор скорости.

Регулятор скорости Walkera

TTS BL heli 12A ESC For RC FPV Quadcopter.
Walkera V450D03 2.4G 6-Axis Flybarless Helicopter FPV+DevoF7.

ЛЕБЕДКА ИЗ СЕРВЫ своими руками. How to make servo winch. (Перезалив) - YouTube

Быстрая доставка. Наличная и безналичная оплата.

Walkera 350 Pro Замена моторов,плат рег скоростей, корпуса и полет на море полное видео

Инструкция К Вертолету Walkera Hm 36. бесколлекторный KV3500 380 Brushless Motor - Регулятор скорости:.
Hi Gosa, I insisted with RCthe vendor. A chinese guy [email protected] - is eager to help.

Регулятор скорости Walkera

He has sent me адрес a manual an TowerPro W30A ESC. The sequence of tones was clearly the same.
Заметки о совместимости запчастей на V450D03.

Регулятор скорости Walkera

приемника идет сразу на регулятор скорости.
RC Club has All Kinds of 4 шт./компл. Пропеллер для TELLO Drone Запчасти Аксессуары Основные Лезвия,26650 Батарея Зарядное устройство Батарея комплект для Feiyu FY FeiyuTech G6/G6 плюс (G6PLUS) Портативный монопод шарнирным замком.

Регулятор скорости Walkera

This is the new and very powerful FrSky Taranis RC X9D Plus radio system. Пивоварня 100 культовых radio also includes a Haptic Vibration Feedback System which больше на странице an alternative feedback system to the existing voice and sound.

Hi, Recently I bought the 30A speed controller from RC smart.
The program manual wasn't included.
I can't get anyone of RC Smart who can help me with it!!!!??
Confirming happens by pulling down the stick beep confirms followed after 2 secs bij a music tone and one or two beeps BRAKE?
The sequence is so typical that it must be recognised by someone who has the same ESC!
Has anyone recently bought the same ESC?
Where can I find the manual to program it?
Thanks for your help.
Hi Tiberius, I bought the same ESC from CompassPro in HongKong I have no clue either how to program it Even worse, sometimes the motor would not run and I have to power the thing down and up again.
I confirm that I have the same sequence of sounds, but no idea what they mean or which options you can select.
Maybe the controllers are re-badged from another chinese brand.
Apparently some RCSmarts are Power-Pro controllers, but none of those matches ours, they all have 4 menu points.
Let me know if you find out something, do the same.
A chinese guy - is eager to help.
He has sent me yesterday a manual of an TowerPro W30A ESC.
The sequence of tones was clearly not the same.
I asked him to search for the real thing what he promised to do.
In the mean time, I checked all the manuals of all the ESC's I found on the internet beleive me, there a lot of themin vain.
When I hear from the guy, I will tell you ASAP I also spent a couple of hours last night browsing through the different "manuals" of the chinese ESCs.
As you said, there are many and all are different.
The only thing managed to program is turning the brake on and off, but that does not help me much.
My main concerns, as is yours, is to protect my Lipos.
I guess здесь it turns off at 8.
I will hook it to a power-supply too, to verify the function.
Thanks for ссылка на подробности infos, I also sent a mail to RC-Smart, maybe if they get request from all sides, they will improve their policy wishful thinking, I know.
Oh, so you are from Belgium?
I'm from Luxembourg, long live Benelux!
Or soon to be Waflnelux!?
Can you check the label on the ESC?
On the picture on the site of RC SMart I see : WK-WST-30A - 30A5-14NC BEC On mine is witten WK-WST-30A - 30A4-14NC BEC.
I got useful Конверт-пакет с прослойкой из пузырчатой пленки, комплект 100 шт., 170х220 мм, отрывная полоса, краф not from China.
They will страница me a new one.
Not sure what I will do.
I asked the seller for instruction how to program the esc, the seller answer was: hello, sorry, we don't have the program manual of ESC, as the factory has not provide it.
Then i asked you sell the program card or you know which card this esc needs?
What kind of seller is that?
Selling esc without is like selling a brand new card without engine.
You pay less but if you cant use it why we should buy it.
Im still waiting for the strike but i wont pay if the seller cant give instuction.
Im bored, buying a esc from e-bay will give me a feedback from this seller bcs i wont pay.
Hi, i've found how to program these ESC.
Open the transmitter, switch throttle stick to the full power position for FUTABA series transmitter, the throttle stick shall be switched to REV.
Connect the power to the speed controller.
The sequence start again Example, we want lipoly auto and brake ON we know brake is OFF 1.
Open the transmitter, switch throttle stick to the full power position.
Connect the receiver and motor.
Connect the power to the speed controller.
Start sound sequence beep switch the throttle stick to the lowest position, a beep sound and a piece of music.
Disconnect the battery 7.
Open the transmitter, switch throttle stick to the full power position.
Connect the receiver and motor.
Connect the power to the speed controller.
Start sound sequence beep dont touch beepbeep beepbeep dont touch beepbeepbeep beepbeepbeep switch the throttle stick to the lowest position, a beep sound and a piece of music.
Disconnect the battery The ESC are in lipoly auto mode and brake ON I hope that this uses you as help, if you want more data, PM, bye Hi Icaba, thanks, but I don't think it is the same controller.
Ours has 9 sequences in programming mode as Tigerius has described.
Tigerius, mine is also labelled WK-WST-30A - 30A4-14NC BEC.
Tried to contact Elvin, but no answer so far I read on other forums from people who sent theirs back to never be seen again, so.
I don't think that's an option.
I'll play around with it for a bit more to find out more, otherwise I'll use it as is.
I decided to send mine back.
It's costing me 2.
I won't risk it with a LiPo.
I got the assurance form Rc Smart that they would replace it for a Mystery ESC WITH a manual.
I give the benefit the doubt.
I have confidence in the Chinese.
I will let you know.
Ok, pls let me know if it works out and how long it took.
Elvin proposed the same thing to me when I pushed him.
I don't like the way he is playing stupid or pretending not to understand english.
Programming of both ESC is the same 9 different options and of course they both come withOUT manual.
I found out, that first option - is BRAKE ON, second - - is BRAKE OFF, and last one.
If someone finds out something more, let us all нажмите сюда, please!

Регулятор скорости Walkera

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