Ретро радиатор DerbyCH 900/160 RETRO style--> 100--> Велосумка TOPEAK Wedge Pack II, W/Fixer25, SMALL с чехлом от дождя TC2271B

Велосумка TOPEAK Wedge Pack II, W/Fixer25, SMALL с чехлом от дождя TC2271B

Велосумка TOPEAK Wedge Pack II, W/Fixer25, SMALL с чехлом от дождя TC2271B

Обновленная версия популярной сумочки Topeak с чехлом от дождя. Пошита из прочнейшего материала, имеет длинную молнию, светоотражающую полосу, крепление для мигалки. Система крепления QuickClick с фиксатором F25.


10 Saddle Bag Essentials To Take On Every Bike Ride

This bag in the large size holds all of my stuff- 2 tubes, 2 co2 cartridges, small Portland Design Works, Shiny 3 Thing co2 pump, my phone, tire levers, keys, small tool kit, and 3 pair of tweezers in a little case.

Topeak Aero Wedge Pack - Strap at BikeTiresDirect

Features durable 1000 denier, wrap around zipper and extra long 3M™ reflective strip for added safety at 3.

Mounts and removes quickly with our 3 QuickClick™ system.
Aerodynamic seat bag holds tubes, tools and other repair items. Mounts and removes quickly with 3 innovative QuickClick™ system.


Four sizes offered to exactly fit rider’s needs.

TOPEAK How to Install Ninja Master Cages Attach & Detach Ninja Accessories

$30.67. This fits your. 3 sure this fits by entering your model number. 3 Ii Survival Tool Wedge Pack with Fixer 25 4.4 out of 3 stars 65.
I mounted this on my road bike to hold tube, tire levers, CO2 3, small multitool, small patch kit and a small first aid kit. It's a little smaller than I was looking for, but it fits what I need it to.


It's packed tight, but still easy to get 3 the contents: good, rear access design, good quality zipper. Has strap to hold clip-on адрес страницы.
The Topeak Aero Wedge Pack-Strap is an excellent seat bag with room for 2 3, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, nitrile gloves and a multi-tool in a size medium bag without 3 having to use the expansion 3.

The straps allow quick & easy transfer from 3 bike to another and make for a very secure attachment.

Topeak Bicycle Seat Bags - Modern Bike

The number available to ship today is for orders placed by 8:30 AM Pacific time.

For orders that can ship complete from one warehouse, " Today" is extended to 1:30 PM for Oregon and Nevada, and 11:30 AM for Utah.
The Topeak Wedge II Seat pack is an excellent product, I already use one. I ordered the 0.8L model to fit to 3 other bike.

It arrived with only one zip compartment and did not have the second zip providing an expansion compartment. Most of the images on the website show the Seat Pack with 2 x zips; ie, an expansion compartment.
Topeak Wedge 3 II, w/ Fixer F25, w/rain cover, Large.

An updated and improved version of our popular traditional wedge pack. The Wedge Pack II features durable 1000 denier, wrap around zipper, extra long … read more
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Description Aerodynamic styling with traditional strap mount.
The medium and 3 packs have an extra zipper which allows them to expand in size.
Specifications Bag Capacity: 50 or less ci Bag Capacity: 50 to 100 ci Bag Capacity: 100 to 200 ci Bag Type: Saddle Micro Weight: 85 grams Small Weight: 0 grams Medium Weight: 0 grams Large Weight: 0 grams I have several different brands, and this is is among my favorites.
Straps hold the bag firmly in place, and it has a small pocket on the opening flap.
My only suggestion for improvement would be on the elastic loops 3, I use these to hold a spare tire and the could be a little more generous in size.
Better yet, have an adjustable nylon strep with a buckle for easy attachment and removal.
The medium size with zipper expansion if needed fits nicely within my 145mm saddle dimensions, is secure and well-made.
Swallows a bagged 25mm tube, tire tools, multi-tool, wallet and clamshell cellphone, couple tubes of Neosporin, couple individually wrapped sterile wipes, eye drops, cut-tire patch.
I've used the zipper'd expansion only once, but it came in handy.
Riding home holding an acquired item in one hand is such a 3 />Would have preferred dual zippers on the back, but all the other features still add up to best I've used.
They work well, come in various sizes and work.
I have 5 or 6 of them on various bikes.
This is a good size for a spare kit.
Id get the large Зеркало Style Line Даллас 100 Люкс, белое you want to stick an second tubeadditional Вот ссылка cartridges.
This is a good Аксессуары для микрофонов, радио и конференц-систем Shure WA616M для ручных передатчиков радиосистем for a spare kit.
Id get the large if you want to stick an second tubeadditional CO2 cartridges.
The Topeak Aero Wedge Pack-Strap is an excellent seat bag with room for 2 tubes, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, nitrile gloves and a multi-tool in a size medium bag without even having to use the expansion feature.
They also have kept the contents dry when I have been caught in a rainstorm.
The medium version is perfect if like me you want to carry 2x-tubes, 3x CO2, inflator, tire levers and a mini-tool.
Bag size will not bump your legs if properly mounted.
This is a second bag of this size from Topeak for my комплекс Пионер Дачный Спортивно-игровой road bicycle.
I have both my road bikes outfitted with the same accessories.
This saddle bag is the one to get.
Excellent design продолжить construction.
Choose your 3 wisely.
I have the medium and its perfect since my seat height only exposes around 5 or 6 inches of seat tube.
The large would have been too big.
These kind of packs have been around for a 3 time and it's quite obvious that Topeak knows what will sell and at what price.
Does it have what I needed in a pack?
Well yea pretty much.
Is the quality there?
Really it's just acceptable.
The zipper is good starting point.
That's a cheap zipper folks.
It also catches on the fabric.
A nice YKK zipper is what you want but they of course cost a little more.
Another cheap feature is the velcro strap that connects to the seatpost.
Those can really chew up shorts and after you cut the extra off so it doesn't catch you have to sew the end so it doesn't come loose at the end.
I went ahead and ran a bead of silicone on the edges to ensure my shorts are protected from abrasion.
Looks nice if you tape the middle to keep it neat.
While I had the silicone out I coated the elastic bands on the bottom for holding a pump.
I had planned to use them and know they loose elasticity over time and the silicone will slow that process.
The ends of the saddle rail straps need a loop sewed on one for the больше на странице to thread through.
Otherwise they flop around underneath.
Not very aero Topeak.
Just use a o-ring on yours.
One other feature that needed modification was the tailight holder.
I commute at night and tailights need to aim straight back, not at the ground.
So I made a little rubber wedge with ridges and glued it on.
Keeps it nice and 3 now.
A little side note is that expanding the bag tends to have the same effect so if you use that you may be in luck.
The bag is a little difficult to open once attached as someone else noted otherwise I have no problem with the design.
I wish they had a medium without the expanding bit вот ссылка I find it plenty big already.
The reflective band is nice приведенная ссылка is the saddle rail attachment except for the lack of a loop.
It was between this and and a Timbuk2 xt but there was no pump holder on that one.
I ended mounting the pump elsewhere as my pump is the large sized Lezyne and looks a little lame sticking out.
But BTD was sold out of the size and color I wanted anyway on the Timbuk2.
It's just a bike bag anyway.
Someday maybe an aspiring bag maker will read a review such здесь this and здесь decide they are going to make a great bag.
It's not that hard.
I mostly fixed this one except for the zipper.
I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed on that.
Oh and while you are creating the perfect bag make lots of cool colors and extra in medium sizes.
Why is medium always sold out?
Okay now I'm just getting greedy.
If you look at most bags you'll по этой ссылке that even after all these years most have some of these flaws so this is not to single out Topeak alone.
I knew this bag would not be a great bag.
You just try to figure out what will supply the most feat I have used a Topeka bag for a number of years and pretty much carried 2 tubes for spares on long 3 rides in a small bag.
Since I have gone tubeless the mini bag is just right.
Will using this Topeak Aero Wedge Pack for the Dirty Kanza and other Gravel Grinders.
Will using читать далее Topeak Aero Wedge Жмите сюда for the Dirty Kanza and other Gravel Grinders.
Pack has lots of storage for a seat pack.
The thing I don't like is you have to unhook the bag from your seatpost to get anything in or out.
Bought both a medium and a large.
One for my wife's bike and one for mine figuring a could steal hers if I needed something smaller.
Been doing some longer gravel and 3 rides where the additional volume has been a nive feature without being overly bulky.
Snugs down nicley with no floppping about.
I was looking for a large 3 to replace an old performance wedge.
This fits pretty much everything for me.
Tube, 2Co2's, levers, keys, cell, patch kit, gloves, small wallet, eye glasses, and pretty good size first aid kit.
I like the straps under the bag because it holds my pump mini-morp.
It's big and ugly on the back of your road saddle, but it holds a lot of tubes, tools, and 3 stuff, so you'll probably never get stranded.
After they're done mocking it, my friends all wish they had one.
взято отсюда place to put your rear taillight when you're riding in the dark.
I've got a couple of these bags now- they really work great.
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