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Очки WZO

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Очки WZO


Wild Zombie Online(WZO) обзор.

The World Zionistor WZO, is a non-governmental organization that promotes Zionism.

Очки WZO

It was founded as the Zionist Organization посетить страницу the initiative of Theodor Herzl at the First World Zionist Congress, which took place in August 1897 in Basel, Switzerland.

When it was founded, the goals of the Zionist movement were stated in a resolution that came of that Congress and to be known as the Basel Program. "Zionism aims at establishing for the Jewish people a legally assured home in P
WZO believes that providing an opportunity education is a key element in improving the living standards of our future generation.

Очки WZO

its own Educational funds and in conjunction with other charitable organisations, WZO provides grants and interest-free loans.
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Очки WZO

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Очки WZO

Телефон - 8 (800) 707-50-25. Работаем 24/7.
The Jewish for (JAFI) is an international Jewish organization based in Israel.

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It was founded in 1929 as the executive organ of the World Zionist Organization. Under British Mandate the Jewish Agency constituted the ruling institution of the Jewish Yishuv.

Очки WZO

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Очки WZO

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Очки WZO

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Zionism: The Zionist Organization founded by at the in Basle in 1897; it was renamed the World Zionist Organization in 1960.
Its goals were set forth in the Basle Program: "Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine, secured under public law.
The first constitution was passed by the in 1899 and amended over the years.
At thethe movement organized itself as a organization with permanent institutions.
The supreme institution was, читать далее still is, the.
The elected institutions that function between congresses are the Zionist General Council and the Zionist Executive; the latter carries out the movement's policies.
The also elects a law court, an attorney and a comptroller.
The Zionist Executive is headed by its chairman, who is also the president of the ZO.
Since its foundation, the ZO has established companies and institutions to carry out its policies; these читать статью Keren Hayesod, the Jewish National Fund, theand the Jewish Colonial Trust's subsidiary, the Anglo-Palestine Bank.
The accorded Great Britain by the League продолжение здесь Nations called for the establishment of a Jewish Agency to represent the Jewish people vis-a-vis the Mandatory government and to cooperate with it in establishing national home.
The Zionist Organization was initially given the status of a Jewish Agency.
In 1929, an expanded agency was established as a partnership between the ZO and non-Zionist, public Jewish groups.
At the founding conference in Zurich inhalf the delegates were representatives of the ZO, and half represented the non-Zionist organizations.
The Jewish Agency was viewed as a tool for the involvement of больше на странице entire Jewish people in the building of the land.
It also hoped that inclusion of the non-Zionist organizations would boost the financial resources available to the movement, something which did not occur, partly because of the worldwide economic crisis of 1929.
The principle of equal representation in the Jewish leadership was also gradually breached.
After several years, Executive of the Jewish Agency became identical with that of the Zionist Organization.
In the pre-state period, the Jewish Agency was an "almost-government" which dealt with organizing immigration - including illegal immigration - and absorbing the immigrants in Palestine.
It foundedmaintained labor, settlement and industry departments, and was a senior partner in the establishment of the yishuv's defense force and of the stockade and watchtower settlements.
The goals of the ZO and the Jewish Agency did not change until after the establishment of the State of Жмите, when their status was redefined.
On November 24, 1952, the passed the "Zionist Organization - Jewish Agency for Israel Status Law", and later a covenant was signed between the government of Israel and the Zionist Executive, according to which the organizations' main of responsibility remained those related to aliya, immigrant absorption and settlement.
In Augustan agreement was signed modifying the structure and functions of the Agency and the WZO.
Half the members of the Assembly of the expanded Jewish Agency are representatives of the WZO; 30 percent represent the UJC U.
With regard to immigration, the following division was set forth: the Jewish Agency would deal with immigration from countries of persecution and the WZO would deal with immigration from affluent countries.
The Jewish Agency and the WZO signed two new covenants with government of Israel in June 1979.
The Jewish Agency retained its responsibility for initial absorption of the immigrants in support for educational activities and work with youth; absorption in rural settlements; immigrant housing; and welfare services.
The WZO concentrates on work in the Diaspora and that relating to Diaspora Jewry: Jewish education, work with youth and so forth.

Очки WZO

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