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Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

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Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)


Shuttles Android XPC - Review

Shuttle Europe: NC03U7

NC03U от Nano – серията XPC на Shuttle получава увеличение на производителността, с нови процесори!
По этому адресу 8GB/ 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n WLAN /2xCOM/SD card reader, 40W adapt {4} $235.7: 36: 52984: Shuttle: NC03U
Shuttle XPC slim Barebone DS77U3 е идеална платформа за професионални приложения като Digital signage, POS, Kiosk, Thin Client, Cloud Computing, Офис компютър и Мултимедия.

Платформа системного блока JUPITER Q370D4/65W JUPITER Q370D4/65W L6, BLACK Intel Q370 1151 Coffee Lake 2xDDR4 SO-DIMM 2666 5 32GB, 2,5 "SATAIII/M.2 2280 HDD/SSD, WIFI/BT, 5 LAN, HDMI, DP x 2, USB 3.1TypeA x 6, USB 3.1TypeC x 2, VESA, Kensington, Speaker
Полуготови 5.

Цени 5 предложения за Barebone компютри и компютърни конфигурации.

Shuttle Global - SH370R6

Mini, Micro computers - малки компютри с компактни размери. Цени и предложения за Мини - малки компютри и компютърни 5.
Платформа 5 DS77U – характеристики, фото. Продажа осуществляется с 5 по Санкт-Петербургу, купить платформа Shuttle DS77U можно онлайн или по телефонам: +7 (812) 740-11-10.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

5 45900. 7 46900. 6 25000. 1 22900.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

6 29900. 8 26000.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

6 65500. 3/15/2018.

Shuttle Global - NC03U SERIES

2506.9. 13234.099999999999.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

15332.9. 3206.5.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

2798.3999999999996. 3264.7999999999997.

Test: DOTA 2 ejecutándose en un Shuttle XPC nano NC03U

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

150 23990 24900. 6 24900 29900.

Shuttle XPC Slim DH370 Unboxing: Mini Coffee Lake Mini PC Barebones Kit

200 23490 24500. 37 26100 5.

Shuttle Global - NC03U SERIES

1060 1 21650 22250. 6 25000 25600. 1060 34 24800 25400.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

1060 19 25800 26400
Платформа Shuttle DS77U – характеристики, фото. Продажа осуществляется с доставкой по Москве и России, купить платформа Shuttle DS77U можно онлайн или по телефонам: +7 5 799-96-69, +7 (800) 200-00-69.

Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors Experience a new level of performance with Shuttle XPC Cube SH370R6, a scalable, high-end mini PC with refreshed processors and beefed-up features.
The SH370R6 is built on latest Intel® 8th Gen processor family which supports up to six cores and 12 threads, boasting much better graphics performance than the previous generations.
Featuring three video outputs for 4K three displays, four slots for a maximum of 5 of DDR4 RAM, multiple 5 of USB with speeds up to 10 Gbps, and excellent scalability options with both PCI-E and M.
Ideal for mini server, workstation and gaming PC builds.
Equipped with the Intel® H370 chipset, the SH370R6 supports Gigabit LAN, M.
The SH370R6 provides four sets of USB 3.
The SH370R6 provides one PCI-E x 16 3.
Select the card you want to use, such as multi-display graphic cards, monitor cards, RAID cards, and 5 sound cards for video wall, file server, network 5 recorder, and more applications.
The SH370R6 is equipped with an 80 PLUS Bronze 300W power supply 5 guaranteed energy efficiency and energy saving.
The 300W power supply cuts down 5 unnecessary power consumption for a higher level of energy saving.
Save energy costs as well as the cost of 5 service with Power-On by RTC function.
Power on by RTC can also be turned on and off with the Windows task scheduler.
With new processors up to 6 cores, the 5 supports up to 64GB 16GB x 4 of DDR4-2666 memory, integrated UHD graphics and PCI-E controllers to support onboard graphics output for outstanding graphics performance.
The SH370R6 features one HDMI and two DisplayPort outputs to drive up to three independent displays with 5 UHD resolution, delivering incredible clarity for maximum 5 />With built-in HDMI 2.
The clever 5 design allows for constant air circulation between the inside and outside of the machine resulting in high stability источник статьи low noise for long-term operation.
Watchdog Timer 5 excellent security protection for systems that need to operate continuously for a long period of time.

Платформа Shuttle (NC03U)

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