Ретро радиатор DerbyCH 900/160 RETRO style--> Серый--> ADD-AP-TAS300 AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5 LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, сканер отпечатков, сервис Time Attendance, PoE (опция)

ADD-AP-TAS300 AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5 LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, сканер отпечатков, сервис Time Attendance, PoE (опция)

ADD-AP-TAS300 AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5 LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, сканер отпечатков, сервис Time Attendance, PoE (опция)

ADD-AP-TAS300 AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5 LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, сканер отпечатков, сервис Time Attendance, PoE (опция), ADD-AP-TAS300


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AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5" LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, 4 отпечатков, сервис Time Attendance, PoE.

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AddPac TAS300, IP-домофон, камера, 3.5" LCD, 1 кнопка, RF-ридер, сканер отпечатков, 4 Time Attendance, PoE (опция) (p/n ADD-AP-TAS300) Купить Clean the sensor occasionally with microfiber cloth to maintain the perform- ance of the sensor.
AC100C model USB Extension DC 5V Power Adaptor To connect to the USB port For supplying power to the of a computer for uploading terminal.
A Packet of Bolts Use the screws to hold the back plate of the terminal against a wall.
Cable Protector To keep cables intact.
For connecting the terminal to external siren.
To download the data from the terminal, you need to have the Фонокорректор Pro-Ject Tube Box key and activation code for the TCMS.
The product key and activation codes can be retrieved on top of the TCMS V2 manual booklet.
In case you lose TCMS V2 product key and activation code, go to user.
FingerTec terminals are loaded with powerful microprocessor that ссылка на подробности process biomet- rics authentication methods for accurate personal identifications and for collection of precise data for time attendance.
In addition, some fingerprint terminals are made to accept card verification as an added security measure.
This manual covers color time attendance models of FingerTec products from AC100C, 4 and TA200 Plus model.
The terminal acts as a tool to collect attendance data.
For a processing of attendance data, FingerTec is providing a powerful time manage- ment software, TCMS V2 to process data and provide accurate and reliable attendance reports.
Terminal Overview AC100C model LCD Screen Speaker L.
D Display Fingerprint Sensor Keypad Item FUNCtIoN LCD Читать полностью Displaying status of terminal, day, date, time and the icons available.
LED Display Green LED — The terminal is working fine and it is in standby mode.
Red LED — There is an error at the terminal that requires checking.
For first time use, the terminals need to be charged fully to avoid having the red light blinking.
Fingerprint Sensor To scan finger for 4 of identity.
Speaker For terminal voice emission.
D Display Speaker Fingerprint Sensor RFID Card Keypad Induction Area Item FUNCtIoN LCD Screen Displaying status of terminal, day, date and time.
LED Display Green LED — The terminal is working fine and it is in standby mode.
Red LED — There is an error at the terminal that requires checking.
For first time use, the terminals need to be charged fully to avoid having the red light blinking.
Keypad To input instructions into the terminal and to allow configuration.
Fingerprint Sensor To scan finger for confirmation of identity.
RFID Card Induction Area Area that reads RFID cards.
Navigation Keys To navigatien and input command to terminal.
RFID Card Induction Area Area that reads RFID cards.
Speaker Адрес страницы terminal voice emission.
Reset Button To restart the terminal as and when required.
Main Menu Enroll users, manage user data and input workcode.
Set 4 password of the device for a secure data transfer.
Configure the settings of the FingerTec terminals from general to display setting to fingerprint.
Data management, update via USB flash disk, keyboard functions, reset and other terminal settings can be done here.
Adjust the date and time settings of the terminal.
Run tests on the FingerTec terminal to diagnose the terminal on various aspects.
Check user attendance and transaction logs that are available in FingerTec terminals and perform housekeeping of the machine.
You can disable the button to avoid accidental shut off of the terminal.
Battery Terminals operate using power supply from a standard power outlet.
Inside the termi- nal, there is an RTC battery for the running of the clock.
When there is a serious delay in time or the clock keeps on restarting, the RTC needs to be replaced.
Mini UPS External power supply: uninterrupted power supply 5V and mini UPS 12V provide mobile power supply to the terminals.
Charge the mini UPS sufficiently for optimum performance.
Refer to acces- sory.
Choose the date and time.
Do not use any liquids, household cleaners, aerosol spray, solvents, alcohol, ammonia and abrasive solutions to clean the body of the terminal because it could damage it.
CleANINg the FINgerPrINt PrISm Clean the fingerprint prism with a cellophane tape for silicon coated prism.
View the video on how to clean the fingerprint prism at this link fingertec.
For the non-coated prism, please use microfiber cloth.
Choose to Reset All Default Set- tings, Reset Keyboard Settings or Reset Other Parameters.
Resetting the terminal will cause all your settings to return to the original factory settings.
This chapter covers all possible user enrollments in the terminals.
FINgerPrINt eNrollmeNt It is recommended to enroll two fingers for one user ID.
One template is the default and another one is used for backup.
You need to check the quality of the fingerprint before doing any fingerprint enrollment.
It is important to locate the center points of the finger because the center points has to be placed in the middle of the scanner dur- ing enrollment to get a good reading.
You also have to 4 sure that the fingers are not too wet or too dry for enrollment.
CArd eNrollmeNt For terminals that are using card system, default card for the terminal is RFID.
MiFare and HID card systems are available upon request.
PASSword eNrollmeNt The terminal offers different enrolment methods, and passwords can be used alone or in combination with other verification methods.
The maximum length of a password is 8 digits.
FINgerPrINt VerIFICAtIoN 1:N — 1:N verification does not require any input of your user ID.
Place your finger properly on the scanner and the terminal will take a second to verify your identity.
Maximum length of user ID is 9 digit Name Add name of the user in this field Can only be done via TCMS.
Maximum number of char- acters is 24 Quantity of Fingerprint PWD Quantity of Password CARD Quantity of Card It is recommended that the updating of user information be done through the TCMS V2 software.
After the information is updated, sync the TCMS V2 and the terminal to display the information.
Deleting User Only an administrator can perform user deletion at the FingerTec terminal.
PrIVIlege USer roleS Normal User Only use the terminal to verify your identity.
You cannot access into Menu and make changes into settings and system Administrator You are allowed to access into menu to enroll users and edit settings and system Defining Work Codes The terminal provides a work code feature reASoNS worK Code which allows users to key in predefined Check In numbers after verification.
The work code numbers are predefined in the TCMS V2.
Check Out The following table shows examples of OT start work 4 />Installations of FingerTec time attendance terminals are simple.
For AC100C, screw two bolts on the wall to hang the ter- minal.
FlexI-KIt FingerTec offers flexi-kit for all its time attendance models.
Attach the terminal on the flexi- kit for convenience and cosmetic purposes.
View flexi-kit at accessory.
Refer to the following diagrams for the terminals you require.
The cable can be used to cascade hubs or to connect Ethernet stations back-to-back without a FRONT hub.
TCMS V2 is a genuine software by FingerTec.
Check the PLA пруток 1.75 фиолетовый sticker on top of the TCMS V2 software manual booklet to retrieve a product and activation code.
The serial number of the terminal must be a match with the serial number printed on the booklet in order to activate the system.
Installation and Setup of TCMS Привожу ссылку Install TCMS in a PC with sufficient minimum requirements.
Setup Wizard will require the product key and activation code to activate the system.
In case you lose TCMS V2 product key and activation code, go to user.
Without the IP address, locating the specific terminal is not possible.
The higher the baudrate, the faster the speed is.
Threshold determines how many percent of minutiae points on a fingerprint template will be read by the system.
The higher the threshold level, more points are being read, more restricted the system.
Configure the threshold for 1:1 and 1:N methods.
For 1:1, the range is from 0-50 and the recommended value is 15.
Choose your date format according to your preference.
The default format is dd-mm-yy.
Choose Low, Mid or High sensi- tivity.
It здесь recommended to be set at Mid.
Adjust Volume: The default volume of the terminal is 60.
The volume can go as high as 100 and as low as 0.
To adjust the volume.
It is recommended to do the housekeeping of data from the TCMS V2 software.
There are 4 functions available in the Data icon to enable you to manage your data in the FingerTec terminal.
In the data management icon, you can choose from four instructions.
The logs that are stored inside the terminal are the ones that have not https://ugra.site/seriy/lotok-300h50-l3000.html downloaded into TCMS V2.
Deleting the logs means that no backup data is available.
Make sure that all user information has been backed up in the TCMS V2 before.
The range is from 1-9.
The range is from 1-9.
Choose the one your prefer.
It ranges from 0-999 seconds.
It ranges from 0-999 seconds.
SyStem lANgUAge FingerTec terminals offer various languages to match your local requirements.
The default language is English.
Precision in time and date cannot be compromised for the system to work effi- ciently.
Adjust your DLST if necessary.
The terminals offer a Динамик (speaker) для Lenovo P70 communication options such as LAN and serial cable connections but 4 times there are scenarios that require USB Universal Serial Bus connectivity.
USB can connect terminals with a computer for download and upload of user information and transaction logs.
FingerTec terminals can only work with USB flash disks that support minimum Linux Kernel 2.
After the download process is complete, eject the USB flask disk from the terminal and connect it to your PC that has been installed with the TCMS v2 software.
Upload the data from the USB into TCMS V2 for further processing.
UPloAdINg dAtA From USB A FingerTec terminal is able to upload data i.
After the upload process is complete, eject the USB flask.
Auto Test page is to diagnose or analyze the conditions in the terminal.
There are several tests available in the Auto Test page and only an administrator is allowed to perform the test.
Before running any tests, kindly contact your reseller for advice or you could email support fingertec.
You will see lines of different colours; click the screen to continue testing.
Every click on the screen will Гель-лак Bluesky Z, 10 мл different voice message.
If you find any distorted sound in any of the voice messages or instructions, kindly send your terminal for checking and repair.
KeyBoArd teSt The Keyboard Test is for you to check the condition of the keyboard.
Once you run the sensor test, the terminal will display a white square on.
Records Shows free storage and used storage of the terminal, and details of user counts, admin counts and password users.
It also displays other information such as FP templates and logs templates that have been used and are available.
Find out which method you нажмите сюда using to connect.
Refer to Chapter 4 to further understand the topic.
Only an authorized administrator of the system is allowed to access the Menu.
Difficult to Read Finger Five things could be the cause of this: Enrolment is not properly done: Enrolment is the most important process to ensure that the terminal captures the best quality of your fingerprints.
Refer to chapter 4 for how to do a good enrollment.
The location of the terminal is not conducive: The scanner does not work well in bright- lighted area.
Cover the scanner a little if this is the cause of the difficulty.
Shift the location area for a better performance.
Adjust the position of your fingerprint as you see it onscreen.
The scanner is not cleaned or it is scratched: Check the quality of the scanner.
If the scanner is dirty, please clean it with a microfiber cloth.
If it is scratched, contact your local reseller for a replacement.
Did anything happen to your finger lately?
Make sure that the finger is not injured, cut or bruised 4 could cause it difficulty to read.
The algorithm reads the minutiae points of your fingerprint, the more it can read, the better the result.
The LED 4 Blinking All The Time You have nothing to worry about unless the blinking light is red.
The green blinking light is indicating that the terminal is under its standby mode.
Red blinking light may signal.
It will not accept the same fingerprint twice into its system.
Choose a different finger to proceed.
The card must be registered to the terminal before it can read the information in the card.
Have you assigned the user ID to the verification group that supports RFID card?
No Sound A few things could cause this problem: The terminal voice mode is silent Perhaps someone has turned off the voice in your terminal or reduced its volume to 0%.
Refer to Chapter 5 System under Voice to rectify.
Speaker is damaged Once you have rectified the voice mode, if the problem persists, proceed to test the voice.
Go to Chapter 8 to do the test.
If no voice is being emitted, contact your local.
продолжить and the products www.
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd.
Every precaution has been made to supply complete and accurate information.
Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice.
The company expressly disclaims all and any liability and respon- sibility to any terminal or user of this book, in respect of anything, and of the consequences of anything, done by any such person Измельчитель для овощей 18 см, серия Easycook, reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this book.

Как подключить видеодомофон к VIZIT своими руками.

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